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XRA Series Gold Analyzer - XRA3200
XRA Series Gold Analyzer

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Product Description
How To Choose A Correct XRF Analyzer For Gold Analysis

Many manufacturers can make the XRF analyzer, but the performance is very different. Just like with auto manufacturers, the apperance of some autos’ is beautiful, but the performance is disappointing. So if you want to buy a XRF analyzer, don’t only keep your eyes on price and appearance. Only in the way will you find the most cost-effective XRF analyzer.

Before you want to buy a XRF gold analyzer, you need to make some samples with different gold percentage, and test them by Fire Assay, then test them with different brands’ XRF analyzer. So you will find which one is the most cost-effective, and then choose this one. This step will spend a little money and time. But if you choose a machine which gives
you wrong results, then you will lose more. You also need to understand the following 3 points:

1. It is very important to know whether this machine gives you results automatically. If the machine needs to choose different calculation method and then gives you the result, how do you know which result is accurate?

2. How many samples do they use for calibration? This is also important. Some companies always tell customers, if the result is not accurate, then you need more samples for calibration. If you have used 200 samples to calibrate machine, but the No. 201 sample is still not accurate, so what customers can do?

3. The performance of all XRF analyzers is the same at high gold percentage, such as gold > 90%, but it will be very different at low gold percentage. So you will know how to prepare samples for machine testing.


Completely Intelligent Analysis:
A good gold analyzer doesn’t require the operator to know professional knowledge. The operator just needs to put the samples on the measurement window and click “measurement start”. Then the intelligent analysis system will report the sample purity automatically. No complex to do in the whole process. This needs advanced technology. XRA series Gold Analyzer just does like this. Not all XRF analyzers can do like this. For some brands’ XRF machines, the machine can report the purity only after the operator chooses the working curve or calculate method. But the machine will report different results for the same sample if you choose different curves. If so, how do customers know which working curve is right for the sample in advance?

Less Standard SamplesFor Calibration:
XRF analyzer needs a certain quantity of standard samples for calibration to ensure the accurate analysis. For some brands’ machine, even though they use so many samples for calibration, they can’t supply accurate readings. So customers will lose much during gold recycling.

XRA serious Gold Analyzer applies the most advanced technology. The machine only needs several samples for calibration and supplies perfect readings close to Fire Assay.

No Restrictions For Samples’ Size And Shape:
XRA series Gold Analyzer uses small X-ray spot, so it can test samples of different size, even when the sample is a pin. It also supplies average functions so that customers can be easy to get big sample’s results, such as gold bar.

X-Ray Spectrum method (XRF Gold Analyzer)
Fast, accurate, and tolerance can be close to Fire Assay. High purity gold will be easy to get correct results, and tolerance is <0.1%; but for low purity gold, not all companies’ gold analyzer can get correct results, and a good analyzer’s tolerance is <0.5%.




Excited Source

Low power X-ray tube, air cooling

Low power X-ray tube, air cooling


1-2mm or according to the customer's requirement

1-2mm or according to the customer's requirement

X-ray Generator

50kV 1mA

50kV 1mA


Gas-filled proportional counter, high resolution

Pritier cooled high performance Si-PIN detector, energy resolution better than 170eV


Based on Microsoft Windows system, including Win7, easy operating, only use mouse to press "Start" button, then results will be shown on screen. No need more standard samples for calibration.

Based on Microsoft Windows system, including Win7, easy operating, only use mouse to press "Start" button, then results will be shown on screen. No need more standard samples for calibration.

Qualitative Analysis Time

5 Seconds

1 Second

Quantitative Analysis Time

Less Than 2 Minutes

Typical 1 Minute

Analytical Tolerance

0.01% ~ 0.3% (average)

0.01% ~ 0.3% (average)

Detection Elements Range

Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu. Zn and Ni will be calculated in Cu

Cr will be calculated in Ag

Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ni, Zn, Mo, Ir, Rh, Os, Ru, Cr, Fe, etc

It can show over 25 elements at the same time.

Power Supply

220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz

220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz


45 x 30 x 16cm

45 x 30 x 20cm




System Requirements

Computer - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Computer - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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Pure Gold Spectrum

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