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3M Cartridge Rolls (Regular or Tapered) 3M Flex Diamond Bands 3M Sanding Bands - Aluminum Oxide
A practical method for finishing inside and blind holes.
Use with cartridge mandrels.
Max Speed: 15,000 rpm
Coated with graded diamond abrasive in micron sizes. Ideal for inside ring mirror finishing. Inter-spaced diamond nodes effectively withstand any debris build-up.
Size: 1/2" x 1/2"
Max Speed: 15,000 rpm
Resin bonded bands of a softer abrasive. Use for pre-polishing ferrous or non-ferrous metal alloys.
3M Sanding Bands - Silicon Carbide 3M Shop Rolls 3M Silicon Carbide Stikit Rolls
Ideal for deburring, smoothing, and finishing flat or contoured surfaces. Use with drum arbors.
Premium quality abrasive glue bonded to cloth. Generates a smooth, clean surface on all metals. Useful for in-house fabrication of drum sanders, flap wheels and sanding sticks.
Length = 50 Yards
Tri-mite Fre-Cut, 414N finishing paper. Special coating resists loading. Precisely graded for excellent surface preparation.

Size: 1-1/2” x 50 yds
Drum Arbors - Expandable Norton Shop Rolls
Steel arbors with a solid synthetic rubber drum.
Expands evenly to hold sanding bands. Cushioned backing
for a smooth cut and uniform finish
Item #:  46-832-60, 46-832-80, 46-832-100, 46-832-120, 46-832-150, 46-832-180, 46-832-220, 46-832-240, 46-833-80, 46-833-120, 46-833-150, 46-833-180, 46-833-240