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3M Cartridge Rolls (Regular or Tapered) 3M Sanding Bands - Aluminum Oxide 3M Sanding Bands - Silicon Carbide
A practical method for finishing inside and blind holes.
Use with cartridge mandrels.
Max Speed: 15,000 rpm
Resin bonded bands of a softer abrasive. Use for pre-polishing ferrous or non-ferrous metal alloys.
Ideal for deburring, smoothing, and finishing flat or contoured surfaces. Use with drum arbors.
Drum Arbors - Expandable Norton Shop Rolls
Steel arbors with a solid synthetic rubber drum.
Expands evenly to hold sanding bands. Cushioned backing
for a smooth cut and uniform finish
Item #:  46-832-60, 46-832-80, 46-832-100, 46-832-120, 46-832-150, 46-832-180, 46-832-220, 46-832-240, 46-833-80, 46-833-120, 46-833-150, 46-833-180, 46-833-240