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Mold Frames for vulcanization and RTV
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Castaldo See-Thru Mold Frames Aluminum Mold Frames Mold Frame Plates
Aluminum U-frame with a sprue former. Two glass panels, one on each side, are held together with a pair of spring clips. Easy to assemble and ideal for use with LMR Rubber Set. Made of aluminum with a single or double cavity. Side holes provide an  escape channel for the excess rubber during vulcanization. Smooth flat aluminum plates in different sizes to cover the top and bottom of the mold frames when vulcanizing. Sold in pairs.
Aluminum Multiple Frames Castaldo MoldMatic Mold Frames
Single piece aluminum frames with multiple cavities for production. Side holes provide an escape channel for the excess rubber during vulcanization. High precision frames for Ready Made Mold system. Three different sizes are available. Will fit any standard vulcanizer.