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Laser marking and cutting machine 30-Watt L3 LASER MARKNG AND CUTTING 60 WATT L-200 Laser Welder 160 Joule with Microscope and Display view and Camera
L3 is based on the L100 laser marking machine, which has been used in the jewelry industry for a long time. Unlike general marking, L3 is specialized and developed to safely, conveniently, and quickly work on the unique marking and cutting of jewelry with a variety of delicate and complex shapes. The L3 was developed by collecting the experiences of many jewelers using a variety of laser marking machines, is the first fully automatic laser marking machine specialized for jewelry. It is a third-generation laser marking machine suitable for use in jewelry shops as well as jewelry factories and workshops.

* Black Marking (Pendant/Bracelet/Ring/Bangle, etc.)
* White marking (Pendant/Bracelet/Ring/Bangle, etc.)
* Photo marking
* Cutting of various metal materials
* Deep marking
* Cleaning
* Optimized for jewelry marking/cutting
* Provides essential functions for shop installation
* Easy to use by anyone with automation function
* Easy design marking/cutting
* Optimized for safe use environment
* Quiet operation with Adaptive Cooling system
* Provides easy-to-use Magic Art 7 program

Easy to use by anyone with automation function

* Marking design on material image using camera positioning
* Laser autofocus
* Load-N-Go docking station with automatic detection of rotary clamps
* Ring outer diameter / inner diameter auto tilting
* Z-axis automatic control
* Automatic opening and closing of safety door
*Automatic ON/OFF operation of dust collector
* Easy to use by anyone with automation function
Italian Made ND Yag 1064 nm Laser, 8kw peak power. 100 Watt average power.
160 Joule with a motorized spot from 0.2 up to 2.0 mm. Impulse time 0.1 to 20 ms with a
Pulse Frequency of 1 to 30 hz. (up to 30 shots per second)
Includes 6 preset wave programs and 100 memory positions. Includes a 7" color Touch screen with a
built in camera. Internal Joy stick. Input power 230V 1 Phase 50/60Hz.
Dimensions 23..50 x 33.50 x 23.50" high.
Weight:80 lbs