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FoRza Series Desktop Laser Spot Welding | 180 Joule Laser Welding Machine Laser marking and cutting machine 30-Watt L3 LASER MARKNG AND CUTTING 60 WATT L-200
This new digital microprocessor incorporated in the FoRza works 100 time faster than traditional systems and is able to measure the high energy precisely, analyzing it and sampling it every 100 micro seconds.

L3 is based on the L100 laser marking machine, which has been used in the jewelry industry for a long time. Unlike general marking, L3 is specialized and developed to safely, conveniently, and quickly work on the unique marking and cutting of jewelry with a variety of delicate and complex shapes. The L3 was developed by collecting the experiences of many jewelers using a variety of laser marking machines, is the first fully automatic laser marking machine specialized for jewelry. It is a third-generation laser marking machine suitable for use in jewelry shops as well as jewelry factories and workshops.

* Black Marking (Pendant/Bracelet/Ring/Bangle, etc.)
* White marking (Pendant/Bracelet/Ring/Bangle, etc.)
* Photo marking
* Cutting of various metal materials
* Deep marking
* Cleaning
* Optimized for jewelry marking/cutting
* Provides essential functions for shop installation
* Easy to use by anyone with automation function
* Easy design marking/cutting
* Optimized for safe use environment
* Quiet operation with Adaptive Cooling system
* Provides easy-to-use Magic Art 7 program

Easy to use by anyone with automation function

* Marking design on material image using camera positioning
* Laser autofocus
* Load-N-Go docking station with automatic detection of rotary clamps
* Ring outer diameter / inner diameter auto tilting
* Z-axis automatic control
* Automatic opening and closing of safety door
*Automatic ON/OFF operation of dust collector
* Easy to use by anyone with automation function
Italian VL 75 Dental and Jewelry Laser Welder 80 J
Item 28-092
Our continuous Research & Development has led to the creation of a new laser welder, the VL-75, small and ultra-compact, with reduced consumption, but with the peculiarities of the classic bench welder.