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Castaldo Jewelry Mold Release Spray - 12 oz Castaldo Mold Cream Castaldo Resin Release Spray - 12 oz
A safe non-toxic silicone based spray to release wax patterns from rubber molds. Non-flammable, non-CFC and environmentally safe. On the surface of the mold parting line spread a small amount of cream with a finger or brush. After vulcanizing the mold will tear apart without the use of a surgical knife. A soy based product that is colorless, odorless and environmentally safe. Helps release models from VLT vulcanized rubber molds.
Dial Thermometer Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves Mold Cutting Blades & Handles
Dual scale stainless steel thermometer with an 8” stem. Use to calibrate vulcanizers and measure temperature of wax in injectors. Non-asbestos, full inside lining with soft felt. Available in different sizes.
Useful for handling hot items.
Made of high impact plastic, and shaped for a comfortable grip, these handles hold surgical cutting blades securely. High-carbon steel surgical blades (non-sterilized) for precise mold cutting. Last much longer and are sharper than stainless steel blades. Blades fit either plastic or stainless steel knife handles.
PROCAD Barrier Liquid Soft Grip Knife Sprits Mold Release Spray - 12 oz
PROCAD prevents poor surface finish on CAD resin casting. It creates a barrier around the resin model preventing wax ingress into the investment powder. It also helps removal of the CAD resin from the molds leaving a clean, debris free cavity. Non-slip, soft grip handle knife has a knurled screw locking arrangement for blades. Replacement blades are available.
Overall length 5"
A silicone based odorless spray to release wax patterns from rubber or metal molds.
Sprue Rod Former/Sprue Mandrel
Brass sprue former with a cone point to match the wax injector nozzle. Sprue tip may be heated to form the entry hole.