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Castaldo Econosil Molding Rubber Strips Castaldo Gelato Super High Strength Molding Rubber Castaldo Gold Label Molding Rubber
This is a harder, firmer version of "Super High Strength" jewelry molding rubber at lower cost. Econosil is a putty-like material that makes strong, tough rubber molds. Red brown in color, it cuts like butter, gives waxes a high shine finish and requires no messy sprays. Waxes self release easily. A super high strength molding rubber that cuts like butter. It resists tearing and is strong enough to make complex molds. Stronger than silicone rubber, the molds last longer, and have a shiny finish. That means less polishing of your castings. Mold packing is easy to do. Just press it in with your fingers like putty. This is a soft, natural, pliable rubber. It has the ideal characteristics for difficult molds containing undercuts, filigree and settings. Rubber is 1/8" thick and vulcanizes at 310°F- 15 minutes for 1/4" mold frame thickness.
Castaldo LiquaCast Liquid Mold Castaldo LiquaGlass Castaldo MoldMatic Ready Made Molds
Castaldo LiquaGlass
Price: $60.00
A two part liquid rubber compound that vulcanizes overnight without any heat or pressure. Contains no silicone, but makes a strong durable mold for waxes and plastics. A clear version of LiquaCast 0% shrinkage RTV (room temperature vulcanizer). No need to bake in an oven. Clear as glass, easy to pour. An easy way to make molds. Use these ready made molds, with a MoldMatic frame. Mold locks are pre-formed. Simply remove the protective cloth at the mold center and insert your model. After vulcanization, pull the edges apart.
Castaldo Quick-Sil Molding Rubber Castaldo Titanium Label Molding Rubber Castaldo VLT Molding Rubber Strips
A safe, non-toxic two part silicone rubber-mix that is pliable. Cures in about 15 minutes at room temperature. The rubber must be pressed or clamped in order to provide good detail. Good tear resistance with minimal shrinkage. Castaldo Titanium Label jewelry molding rubber packs, cuts, bends, flexes, and stretches just like our standard White Label and Gold Label rubber. And because new Castaldo Titanium Label is so hard, it can be clamped at much higher pressures without mold distortion and injected at shrinkage. Castaldo Titanium Label jewelry molding rubber is a natural rubber product similar to our famous White Label & Gold Label. Vulcanizing time and temperature recommendations are identical. Very Low Temperature! As low as 71°C - 160°F Rapid Molds from Rapid Prototypes! Computer to production in hours, not days! Make high-volume production molds directly from CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping models fast without risk of damage from heat or pressure. VLT brings to manufacturers what has been missing so far in the CAD/CAM revolution - speed! Get your models into production in as little as 30 minutes! VLT vulcanizes at temperatures as low as 160°F / 71°C, making it ideal for creating tough, strong long-lasting production rubber molds directly from all types of plastic resin models. Makes great molds from traditional wax carvings too!
Castaldo White Label Molding Rubber
Firm and flexible. A good all purpose mold rubber that is suited for thin molds. Rubber is 1/8" thick, vulcanizes at 310°F -15 minutes for 1/4" mold frame thickness.