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Castaldo Gold Label Molding Rubber Castaldo LiquaCast Liquid Mold Castaldo MoldMatic Ready Made Molds
This is a soft, natural, pliable rubber. It has the ideal characteristics for difficult molds containing undercuts, filigree and settings. Rubber is 1/8" thick and vulcanizes at 310°F- 15 minutes for 1/4" mold frame thickness. A two part liquid rubber compound that vulcanizes overnight without any heat or pressure. Contains no silicone, but makes a strong durable mold for waxes and plastics. An easy way to make molds. Use these ready made molds, with a MoldMatic frame. Mold locks are pre-formed. Simply remove the protective cloth at the mold center and insert your model. After vulcanization, pull the edges apart.
Castaldo White Label Molding Rubber
Firm and flexible. A good all purpose mold rubber that is suited for thin molds. Rubber is 1/8" thick, vulcanizes at 310°F -15 minutes for 1/4" mold frame thickness.