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Smith Casting Melting Torch Handle Smith Casting Melting Torch Handle

WH100 Smith casting torch handle with stainless steel ball valves for positive shutoff, Teflon seals for smooth adjustment

Medium duty torches have silver brazed joints to provide overall strength and rigidity for safe performance under rugged conditions.

Price: $239.00
Harris Melting Torch Harris Melting Torch

An ideal melting torch for large amounts of gold, silver and metal alloys, and only small amounts of platinum. Heavy duty, all brass body, with a check valve safety feature to help prevent the reverse flow of gases. Leak-proof valves for improved safety and reliability.

Price: $650.00
HOKE Type - Jewel Torch & Adapter Kits HOKE Type - Jewel Torch & Adapter Kits

A professional jeweler's torch for all soldering, brazing, welding and melting tasks. Each torch is made for a specific oxy-fuel combination.

Silversmith Acetylene Torch Handle Silversmith Acetylene Torch Handle

Silver Smith torch handle is for air/fuel use. Crafted in all metal construction with long wearing precision brass parts that are nickel plated for heat resistance and durability.

Price: $102.00