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Specialty pliers for unique cases.
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Bow Closing Plier Brass Line Flat Plier Marking Plier - Germany
Designed with a V- groove lower jaw and a curved upper jaw with close fitting box joints. These pliers are used to form shapes. Soft metal jaws that will not nick or mar. Essential when working with thin sheet gauge metal. Durable stainless steel ring marking plier to stamp the inside of rings as well as other round and flat surfaces. Plier has adjustable screw to lock different
Overall length 5-1/2".
Maun Parallel Pliers Notching Plier Strap / Solder Prong Closing Plier - Germany
Parallel action pliers provide vise-like grip. Handles are anti-rust nickel plated.
Jaws remain parallel when in use.
Made in England.
Ideal tool for cutting uniform pieces of solder. May be used for notching watch straps. Steel construction, lapped joints for easy notching. Single squeeze action closes opposite prongs over stones. Bent jaws with grooved ends securely hold prongs. Features perfectly aligned jaws, double leaf springs and a cushion grip.
Length: 4-1/2" / 115mm
Prong Lifting Pliers Prong Opening Plier - Germany Ring Bending Pliers
Ring Bending Pliers
Price: $26.50
Special pliers, lap joint, double leaf spring, provides gentle pressure on the prong and no pressure on the stone to avoid mar or fracture. Open prongs without fracturing stones. The upper angled jaw has a claw and the lower jaw a groove. The prong is supported at the base to avoid pressure
on the top of the stone. Features box joint, double leaf springs and a cushion grip.
Length: 4-1/2" / 115mm
Smooth jaw, precisely aligned to bend or hold rings while crafting and fabricating.
Ring Holding Plier Rosary Plier with Cutter Stone Setting Plier
Made of forged polished steel, with lap joints and large grooved jaws, these pliers are indispensable for holding rings while working on the insides. This combination quality tool works both as a round nose plier and a side cutter. Made in hardened steel, with a double spring action, it reduces fatigue and increases production. Quality tool steel box joint pliers with double leaf spring and PVC dipped handles. Grooved jaw locates prong accurately to secure the stone.
Wire Bending Plier
An ingenious bending plier to create all types of round, undulating, serpentine or special forms in wire or thin gauge metal. Fine screw adjustment provides a convenient stop and assures consistent shaped forms.