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Shears for cutting metal.
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Bench Shears with Handle Brown Type Shears Pneumatic Sprue Cutter
Pneumatic Sprue Cutter
Price: $4,520.00
Used for cutting gold, silver, copper, brass and any other metals. The long handle provides leverage for easy cutting. Comes in three sizes. Heavy duty construction, use for making straight cuts.
Available for right and left hand operation.
Overall length 8" with 1-1/2" cutting length.
This system is designed for cutting sprues from a cast tree. The process is completely pneumatic and needs no electricity. You can use different cutting blades for different types of work.
Shears - Germany Shears Scissor Type Shears with Leaf Spring - Solingen
Shears Scissor Type
Price: $24.90
Made of ground and polished steel, with PVC coated handles, these light duty shears with fine tips are very practical for cutting thin gauge metal. Two blade shapes are available, straight and curved. The curved blade is very useful for cutting smooth contours and circles.
Overall length 7".
Heavy duty diagonal cutter with compound leverage for cutting sprues with minimal effort.
Overall length is 7-1/2", and cutting capacity is 3mm.
Shears with leaf spring and locking system, increases flexibility in cutting chains, solder and thin sheets.
Overall length 7".
Shears without Spring Universal Shears with Spring
Very efficient light duty shears for cutting patterns in thin gauge metal. Perfect for snips and corner cuts. Easily cuts intricate in and out designs from sheet metal. Blade length 1-3/4".
Overall length 7-1/2".