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Laser Engraving
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Laser Engraving
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BB-1S Best Built Compact Ring Engraver BB-20 Best Built Flat Engraver BestBuilt BB70 Engraver
BB-1S is a CNC engraver for marking on inner and outer of rings. It's light, sophisticated, less noise, portable, and easy to use for anyone. Also, it has wireless controlled Bluetooth, compatible with tablet. The BestBuilt BB20 is a high functioning flat engraver. The engraving area is 4" x 4.5", although larger objects can be held. The BB20 can engrave a wide variety of flat objects such as watches, bar necklaces, pendants, dog tags, ID bracelets and much more. The newly upgraded BestBuilt BB70 is a multifunctional engraving and cutting machine that engraves on pendants, flat pieces, the inside and outside of a ring or bangle. The BB70 will create beautiful and permanent letters, as well as patterns, quickly and easily.
BestBuilt BB50 Engraver Dial Block Greek 2 Sided (Lower/Upper Case) Dial Modern Block 2 Sided (Lower/Upper Case)
The newly upgraded BestBuilt BB50 is a versatile engraver that engraves on pendants, the inside and outside of rings and bangles, pens, watches and more! This truly versatile all-in-one engraver can also create designs and patterns, as well produce logos and images. Item #:  33-004-3G Item #:  33-004-3M
Dial Modern Continues Script 2 Sided (Lower/Upper Case) Fancy Continues Scripts 2 Sided(Lower/Upper Case) Letter Dial Single Line Block
Item #:  33-004-3S Item #:  33-004-3D Item #:  33-004-3D
Single Line Block
Single Line Block
Price: $39.00
Item #:  33-004-3T