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3M Diamond Whetstones Diamond Sharpening Stones Imported Arkansas Stones
A superb flat surface coated with micron diamond abrasives
Achieve a mirror like finish on carbide gravers
Lubricate lightly with water
Diamond sharpening stones are designed to fine finish the edges of gravers, screwdrivers, and tools
A sharper, stronger tool edge achieves cleaner lines and brighter cuts
Lubricate with water
Hard grades are dense-grained for final sharpening
Size in mm
Norton India Combination Stones Norton India Oil Stones Norton Oil
Aluminum oxide stones provide a keen cutting edge on gravers and other tools
Lubricate with a light oil
One side coarse and the other fine
Superior grade aluminum oxide
Enhances cutting edges on knives, chisels, gravers and other precision tools
Lubricate with a light oil
Smear to eliminate swarf build up during use
Specially formulated lubricant
Use on sharpening stones
Eliminates swarf build up
Original Arkansas Stones Ruby Bench Stones
Natural Arkansas stones are excellent for sharpening and final honing of gravers
Each stone comes in a hardwood box
Lubricate with a light oil for rapid cutting
Pure Synthetic Ruby Crystals
Outstanding wear resistance
Use with or without light oil lubrication