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Bud Burs | Fig- 6/Z(r) | BUSCH Cone Burs | Fig- 5/NN(r) | BUSCH Cone Square Burs | Fig- 30 | BUSCH
You can use a bud bur to shape seats for shaped stones; with it, you can reposition, taper and enlarge holes.

All burs have 3/32" shanks and Pkg/6
These burs can be used for tapering holes and for cleaning up the reverse sides of drilled holes. All burs have 3/32" shanks and Pkg/6
Cone Square Cross Cut Burs | Fig- 23/38 | BUSCH Cup Burs | Fig- 77B/S | BUSCH Cylinder Square Cross Cut Burs | Fig- 21/34 | BUSCH
All burs have 3/32" shanks and Pkg/6 Cup burs are great for rounding and smoothing prongs, posts, wire and rivet heads. Instead of fluted cutting surfaces, these burs have teeth similar to a double-cut file. Cross-cut burs are very aggressive and can remove large amounts of material.
Cylinder Twist Burs | Fig-15/29 | BUSCH Hart Burs 70 degree | Fig-446/HD | BUSCH Hart Burs 90 degrees | Fig- 156c/HD | BUSCH
Wonderful for grinding and shaping the inside of ring shanks, cylinder burs have teeth on the sides, not at the ends and work very much like a file. Hart Burs 70 degree | Fig-446/HD | BUSCH Hart burs are similar to setting burs except the profiles are angled and make them great for flush setting and cutting seats in prongs.
Inverted Cone Burs | Fig-3/24 | BUSCH Krause Burs | Fig-256/FK | BUSCH Mounted Saw Burs | Fig-231S/45 | BUSCH
With an inverted cone bur, you can make flat-bottomed undercuts, cut tapered slots, and start seats in irregularly shaped bezels. Since these burs can get into tight areas, you can also clean inside bezels and channel settings. You can use them for texturing, as well. Slender and aggressive, Krause burs are designed to get into the tightest of spaces. The slim contour allows you to easily remove excess solder from joints, which makes this bur very popular for jewelry repair.  The taper allows you to install hinges and to fine-tune openings in box clasps and other mechanisms. You can also create notches for prong settings. Similar to the wheel burs except tapered on the top and bottom to a knife-like edge, mounted saw burs are perfect for scoring lines. They have cutting flutes on the top and the bottom for more versatility.