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Sprue Base - Tree Style-C Sprue Base - Cone Tree Center CT Sprue Base - Tree Style-A
Most popular sprue base with 3/8" hole, forming curved indentation in the investment. These sprue bases have a 3/8" hole. High tapered side to give extra support to sprue rod. These sprue bases have a large diameter hole for filling with suitable wax for spruing.
Sprue Base - Donut Style-B Universal Sprue Base Sprue Base Holder
Sprue Base Holder
Price: $25.00
The tapered side of sprue hole is straight, not curved as in style "C" Suitable for two flask sizes 2-1/2" and 3-1/2", similar to style "CT" Very convenient for fast tree assembly.
May be adjusted to any convenient angle.
Suitable for sprue bases from 3"-5".