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Steel, Graphite, and Adjustable Ingot Molds to make large or small ingots from molten scraps
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Adjustable Ingot Molds Graphite Ingot Molds Open Ingot Molds
Convert metal scrap into rolling stock. Made of high quality steel. Each mold may be reduced in size by adjusting the sides in a horizontal direction. Single or multiple molds in graphite. Molds withstand high temperatures and are used to cast small ingots. A one piece forged steel mold to make large ingots from molten scrap.
Reversible Ingot Molds Steel Ingot Molds Wire Ingot Molds
Convert metal scrap into convenient and usable shapes: round, half round or flat. Pour molten metal into the pre-heated mold. Mold is in two parts for easy extraction. Economical molds for rough pours & ingot production. Please note that the cavity has a rough surface. Cast molten scrap into wire forms that may subsequently be redrawn into profiles. Each mold has three different cavities and is available in two sizes.