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Adhesive IZ200 for glueing the graphite ball for inductor scratches Crucible Bottom insulation D175 di=30 H=25mm bis 1300° VC3000, GU3000 Filling Cone D=335 d=150 H=25 VC3000 upto 1500°C
Item #:  16-013-13J Item #:  16-013-10-2 Item #:  16-013-10-1
Galloni Crucible 5kg Ceramic/Graphite 4❠Graphite Crucible D=176x250 isostatic pressed, GU/VC3000, Dia=150mm with changeable bottom part Molykote G-N for Lubrication of Sealing Rod Holder all Threads
Item #:  16-3289-2 Item #:  16-013-16-1 Item #:  16-013-13N
Nozzel with Thread and Holes dia 7mm X1 mm for Crucible 10015021 Sealing Rod tube up to 1400°C D15x295 CC/GU/VC3000, Ceramic material Q=5000 Sealing Rod with conus CC1000 with hole in middle part for temperature measurement Dia=25 I=225 and clamp part dia=15mm
Item #:  16-013-9S2 Item #:  16-013-10-4-1 Item #:  16-013-9-27
Temperature sensor for die cooler CC400- CC3000 Thermocouple  type S for Center  measurement CC1000/VC3000 (GU/VC1000) upto temperature 1660°C Thermocouple  type S for wall measurement VC1000/VC3000 upto temperature 1550°C
Item #:  16-013-9V Item #:  16-013-9E-1 Item #:  16-013-9E-2
Thermocouple type K D 1.5X160 NiCr-Ni CC/GU/VC1000-3000 for measurement in crucible wall up to temp. 1200°C
Item #:  16-013-14-9