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3M Micro Finishing Film Sheets 3M Wet or Dry Coated Sheets 3M Wet or Dry Polishing Paper
Superior micron graded aluminum oxide. Fine film backing is durable and long lasting. Prepares surface for finishing prior to buffing.

Size: 8-1/2” x 11” - Pkg/50
Silicon Carbide, resin bonded to a soft paper backing. Wear resistant and waterproof. May be used wet or dry.

Size: 9”x11” - Pkg/50
Pliable, non-woven, lint free backing. Coated with micron sized abrasives. May be used moist or dry.

Size: 8-1/2” x 11”
Emery Ring Shells Emery Sticks Norton Emery Cloth Sheets
Smooths and polishes the inside of rings
Available in cloth or paper
Mounts on ring shell mandrels
Grits from coarse to fine
Various grades of emery paper, glued to flat wood handles 9” x 3/4”.
Abrasive is 7” long.
Use for manual sanding and polishing of all materials.
Engineered for maximum flexing and fast cutting. Use for blending, fine sanding and polishing.

Size: 9” x 11”
Norton No Fil Durite Paper Split Wood Mandrel
Sharp silicon carbide abrasive bonded to a light weight paper backing. Papers are flexible yet durable. Excellent for finishing hard materials like platinum and titanium.

Size 9” x 11”
Hardwood mandrel with slot to bind emery paper or cloth
Fits on the tapered end of polishing spindles