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  • Ultraflex Centrifugal Casting Machines

    Induction casting machines for casting of all jewelry and dental alloys, including precious and non-precious metals.
    These casting machines provide fast and versatile induction melting and accurate and reliable casting with centrifugal injection. The casting method allows easy spruing and achieves extremely compact alloy.
  • Ultraflex EasyCast Series

    Casts all metals: precious and non-precious. Automatic frequency setting.
    Fast melting by Induction heating generator utilizing the latest technology.
    Complete protection from oxidation by using vacuum and gas argon atmosphere.
    Reliable modular system, easy to maintain and service.
  • Ultraflex Static Melters

    Induction machines for melting of all metals, including precious and non-precious metals and alloys. These machines provide fast and reliable induction melting and are available in a variety of models to satisfy any specific customer needs. The machines are designed in accordance with the CE safety regulations and are equipped with the necessary devices to ensure safe operation.
  • Ultraflex Tilting Melters

    Large capacity induction tilting furnaces. These tilting furnaces come as a manual or auto tilt and can be used for melting large amounts of metal. Ideal for use in refining and melting operations.