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Accessories for handling, mixing, and measuring investment powder.
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Investment Vibrator Investment Spatula Investment Scoop
Investment Vibrator
Price: $80.00
Investment Scoop
Price: $10.50
Reduces air bubbles and voids around wax patterns.
Round top for flask up to 4.25" Compact design with variable speed.
Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 110mm
Wt. 4 lbs
Useful for mixing, forming or shaping wax or clay. Conveniently sized stainless steel rounded blade with handle.
Overall length 8-1/2" 5-1/2" Blade
Plastic investment scoop has high supporting sides to avoid spillage and waste.
Hydro Air Wash Gun A-10 Solution Investment Mixing Bowls
Hydro Air Wash Gun
Price: $125.00
A-10 Solution
Price: $16.00
Reduce cleaning time while removing investment from castings. The wash gun uses water and compressed air (1/4") at 70 -200 PSI. Connects to a sink faucet with 3/4" hose connection. A-10 Solution, when added to your investment and water mix, will minimize bubbles on your castings. It will reduce the surface tension so that bubbles will not stick to your wax patterns during the vacuum process. Heavy rubber bowls in three sizes, made in hard long lasting rubber. Ideal for mixing investment powder.
Non-Asbestos Paper Rolls for Platinum Investing Masking Tapes for Perforated Flasks Investment Scale
Non asbestos paper is required to absorb the excess binder moisture when investing platinum. The paper is used as a liner prior to pouring the investment. Use a single layer on the inside of the flask and a double layer at the bottom. Wide tapes to cover the holes on perforated flasks during investing. Easy to peel away after burn out. Easy to read dial scale with a removable pan to transfer investment to mixer.
Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 16" Ht.
Investment Remover Pre-Cut Seal Sleeves for Perforated Flasks Platinum Vest Remover
Non-corrosive, non-foaming solution formulated for fast clean up of castings. Mix one part of solution with five parts of water. Not for use on aluminum, pearls or calcified stones. Pre-cut seal sleeves are placed over your flasks and then dipped in hot water or heated by hot air. The results are a quick tight seal over your perforated holes prior to investing. Once the investing process is finished, the sleeve can easily be removed. Investment removal formula for resolving investment from platinum casting
Water-Jet Investment Cleaner
A practical, compact unit to remove investment from cast trees. Stainless steel body and a well-lit cabinet with plexi-glass window and heavy-duty gloves.