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Burnout & Melting Furnaces
  • Neycraft Fiber Furnace

    The only bench-top electric burn out furnace with a one piece molded heating chamber. The outer cabinet is sturdy steel construction and the fiber muffle has an embedded heating element.
  • Paragon Furnaces

    Paragon furnaces come in two types: firebrick and ceramic fiber insulation. Firebricks heat more slowly than ceramic fiber. Heating elements are easy to replace in firebrick models. In the ceramic fiber models, elements and the ceramic fiber muffle are replaced as a single unit.
  • Gas Melting Furnaces

    Gas-melting furnaces are a relatively inexpensive alternative to produce rapid melting of non-ferrous metals. Melt large amounts of metal economically and efficiently.
  • Fiber Burnout Furnaces

    Energy efficient furnaces for jewelry and ceramic. The firing chamber is a one piece ceramic fiber shell with embedded elements. For greater thermal efficiency the space between the steel case and the fiber shell is packed with extra fiber insulation.
  • Satellite Furnaces

    Heavy duty steel construction with double coated protection in hammertone gray. Temperature ramp up from 0-700°F in 45 min. and 700-1400°F in an additional 15 min., approx.
  • Eishin Rotating Burnout Furnaces

    Large scale burnout furnaces for high volume jewelry production.
  • Melting Furnaces

    Designed for handheld pouring directly from the crucible.
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Analog Pyrometer Analog Pyrometer

Analog Pyrometer for Fiber Burnout Furnace

Price: $218.50
Digital Pyrometer Digital Pyrometer

Digital Pyrometer for Fiber Burnout Furnace

Price: $385.00
Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Non-asbestos, full inside lining with soft felt. Available in different sizes.
Useful for handling hot items.

Kerr Electro-Melt Furnace - Auto Kerr Style Electro-Melt Furnace - Auto

A digitally controlled furnace when sustained high temperature is required. Kerr Electronic controller regulates the temperature by providing full power input until a pre-selected temperature is attained.