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Asiga Pico 2 HD - 37 Micron - 3D Printer

Asiga Pico 2 HD

Price: $11,990.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 6 to 8 Weeks
Item #: 53-241

The following items are included FREE with this product:

Material Package

Pico 2 [405nm Projector] & 250mL SuperCAST Starter Pack

Product Description
The Freeform PICO was the first 3D printer of its kind to use a solid state UV LED light source. Asiga has perfected this technology with the new PICO 2. Based on Asiga's proven SAS technology, the PICO 2 is ideal for direct manufacturing applications where precision, speed, and reliability are essential. The open material system allows unrestricted choice for professional applications including jewelry manufacturing, dental restorations, and hearing-aid production.

New features include precision all-glass custom optics for achieving sharper details, single point calibration, WiFi, and a touch screen.

The PICO 2 package comes with everything you need to start printing. The package includes a Flash, calibration kit, and your choice of a 250mL material pack.

Performance Pico 2 HD

Pico 2 HD UV

Build Size: X, Y, Z 71.1 × 40 × 75 mm 71.1 × 40 × 75 mm
Pixel Size: X, Y 37 µm 37 µm
Accuracy: Z Varies as low as 1 µm Varies as low as 1 µm
Print Speed 40 mm/h 40 mm/h
Power 12 VDC 10A 12 VDC 10A
Software Asiga Composer Included Asiga Composer Included
LED Wavelength 405 nm 385 nm
File Input STL & SLC STL & SLC
Machine Size 260 x 380 x 370 mm 260 x 380 x 370 mm
Weight 30 lbs 30 lbs
Network Compatibility Ethernet & WiFi Ethernet & WiFi
Item Number 53-231 Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How long (roughly) does it take to calibrate the unit and how often do I need to do it?
Calibration takes 2 minutes and is required when the machine is moved and approximately every few months. It just requires a screwdriver. The LED is automatically calibrated by an internal sensor.

Do the design’s parts need to be ‘water tight’ and can the unit grow intersecting parts?
Intersecting parts are okay. Watertight is not strictly required as our slicer can tolerate some errors. But of course the customer needs to supply a reasonably good quality STL file.

What maintenance is required (annual, monthly), per use changing fluids?
Only maintenance required is the alignment calibration as described above, and general cleaning as required. The grub screws on the linear stage may require re-tightening on an annual basis.

Approximately how many pieces can you get from a bottle of material?
As for yield from a 500mL (500cc) bottle of material, first find the volume of the part you wish to print, add 10% for waste and then divide part volume from 500cc. 500/(part volume +10%). For a standard ladies wedding band you will be anywhere from 500-900 parts from one bottle of material (depending on weight/volume).

Accessories / Spare Parts
Pico Build Tray Pack Pack of 2 SuperCAST for Pico Series [500 ml with Pico Build Tray] PlasWHITE for Pico Series [500 ml with Pico Build Tray] Pico Build Platform
Price: $150.00

Price: $350.00

Price: $350.00

Price: $400.00

Pico Build Tray Pack SuperCAST for Pico Series PlasWHITE for Pico Series Pico Build Platform
Pico 1 Safety Tray Pack (PICO 1 ONLY) PlasGRAY for Pico Series [500 ml with Pico Build Tray] PlasCLEAR for Pico Series [500 ml with Pico Build Tray] Asiga 3D Printer Pico Calibration Kit
Price: $330.00

Price: $350.00

Price: $350.00

Price: $300.00

Pico Safety Tray Pack PlasGRAY for Pico Series PlasCLEAR for Pico Series Asiga 3D Printer Pico Calibration Kit
PlasPINK for Pico Series [500 ml with Pico Build Tray] Asiga Flash UV Curing Chamber
Price: $350.00

Price: $500.00

PlasPINK for Pico Series Asiga Flash UV Curing Chamber

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