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Investment Mold Making Vulcanizing
Investment powders and equipment to help prepare jewelry molds, waxes, and CAD pieces for casting.
Mold frames, molding rubber, and other assorted products for mold making.
Cast iron vulcanizers for jewelry production.
Alloys Handheld Furnaces Casting Accessories
High purity alloys when added to 24kt gold will create a lower carat and color of your choice.
Accessories and miscellaneous tools to help you with casting.
Crucibles Indutherm Casting Machines Ultraflex Casting Machines
American Jewelry Supply has the largest supply of quality crucibles & spare parts in stock and ready for next day shipping
Indutherm Casting Machines
Ultraflex products are in three categories: induction heating power supplies, induction casting and melting systems, and custom AC-DC and AC-AC power converters and OEM modules.
Yoshida Casting Machines Induction Casting Burnout & Melting Furnaces
Ideal for small volumes producing very high quality casting of CAD designed and prototype produced waxes in any precious metal, silver, gold, platinum, palladium and non-precious metals.
Burnout & Melting Furnaces
Centrifugal Casting Machine Flasks & Gaskets Gold Casting Machines
Centrifugal Casting Machine
Gold Casting Machines
Melting Furnaces & Supplies Ingot Molds Induction Melting Machines
Melting Furnaces & Supplies
Steel, Graphite, and Adjustable Ingot Molds to make large or small ingots from molten scraps
Induction Melting Machines
Wax & Wax Tools